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Save, Record and Close add-in for Word

This template add-in is intended for use with Word versions 2007 and later and has but two simple functions.

At the click of a button, it saves and closes all open documents and records their paths in a document variable stored in the add-in template itself. It provides an opportunity to save any unsaved documents, but if a user chooses not to save such a document at the prompt, that document will not be recorded. Word is then closed.

The second complementary function applies when Word is next started. The user is given the opportunity to re-open the stored list of documents, or if preferred, Word can be opened without opening those documents, and by the use of a check box, can elect whether to retain the list for next time.

Only one set of documents can be stored. If you wish to work with multiple document sets, then  you need the add-in Open Documents from List instead.

As with all Template add-ins the template should be filed in the Word Startup folder so that it may load when Word is started.

If you have not changed the preferred startup folder it can be located (in English language versions of Windows) by typing
in the Windows Explorer Address bar and pressing Enter.

Alternatively you can use the self extracting zip file that is included in the download.

Using the add-in

Saving the documents

The add-in has but one button, which is added to the start of the Home Tab of the ribbon for the greatest ease of access.

Clicking that button (assuming there is at least one document open) will present a dialog. The first time it is used and on each subsequent occasion if the 'Show Disclaimer' check box is checked, my standard disclaimer text is shown

Otherwise the following dialog is shown

The process will then save all open documents (prompting to save those that are un-named). The document names are recorded and then the documents are closed. Documents that remain un-named after the prompt are discarded. Word is then shut down.

Starting Word

If there are documents recorded in the add-in template, then as Word starts the following dialog is displayed, as before subject to the disclaimer check.

The wording aside, this dialog has one additional check box option. 'Retain the document list on Cancel'

The default behaviour when Cancel is clicked is to clear the recorded documents from the template and open a blank document, as if the add-in was not present. The check box overrides the deletion of the document list, leaving it to be offered again Next time Word is started.

If 'Re-open stored documents' is clicked, the documents are opened and the list is deleted (or not) depending on the check box setting.

See also the complementary add-in that will maintain an easily editable list of documents that will be opened when Word is started.

- Click here to download the add-in



Save and Record Open Documents

This add-in, as so many others here, was inspired by a forum question.

A user, regularly working with several documents open, wanted to re-open those documents automatically when Word was next opened.

My established add-in 'Open Documents from List' could have worked for him, but it required a level of maintenance that he was unhappy with, so I thought it would be amusing to create an add-in that would simply record the open documents and close Word, and restore them when next Word was started.