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Many to One Download

It appears that some Anti-Virus products are falsely reporting the Many to One zip file as potentially infected with a virus. Because it accesses both the registry and e-mail, some anti-virus products see this as suspect behaviour and block the download, variously reporting Malware or Trojan infection.

I could remove the e-mail functionality, and that should address the concerns of those AV products, but that would also cripple the functionality of the add-in, making the whole exercise pointless.

The main AV players don't find an issue with it – see Virus Total On-Line Check

I am not advocating that you take my word for it, that these warnings are false flags.

In the following illustration from Virus Total On-Line Check, you will see that on the 18th April 2021, 1 product, which I have never heard of (out of 87) saw the file as malicious. The main players in the AV industry find no issues.

I check regularly and other checks have shown largely similar results. Sometimes the nature of the alleged 'threat'  changes as the AV software writers update their products, but the outcome is invariably similar.

I am beginning to wonder if these products find 'problems' in order to sell those products to deal with them.

Check out the file for yourself using the above link, or any other AV product of your choice, and make your own decision as to whether the file is safe to download and install.


Hopefully these warnings will become a thing of the past, however if you have concerns, please contact me via my contacts page.

Frankly this add-in is a victim of its complexity and has been a nightmare to ensure that it works for as many users as possible, with different Office and Windows configurations to accommodate. The over-zealous virus checking has been the last straw.

If you have a working version of this add-in, then there is no necessity to update it. If however you do so, ensure that you retain that working version so that you may revert if the latest version does not work for you.

- Click here to download the Many to One add-in



Many to One

Please read before downloading