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Insert current time into a Word document

This add-in inserts the current time (or time and date) in a variety of formats, either at the cursor or at the start of the current paragraph. While this part of the process does nothing that Word cannot achieve using the in-built insert date and time command from the Insert tab of the Word ribbon:

The add-in also provides the option to insert the time/date in the chosen format at preselected intervals.

This aspect may be useful for various logging processes that require timed insertions.

The add-in places a button group on the Add-Ins Tab of the Word ribbon:

The 'Insert Time Now' button inserts the time/date using the options already set in the 'Time Stamp Options', which the process forces the user to complete the first time the 'Insert Time Now' option is employed.

The default interval, when automatic time stamping is selected, is 15 minutes, but you may store any value up to 99 minutes, either by selecting one of the options in the dropdown list or simply typing the number of minutes in the box.

- Click here to download the add-in


 Auto-insert Time and Date

This was originally conceived at the request of a private client some time ago. Since then it has had a few minor revisions, largely for my own amusement, but as it was something of a fringe requirement, I had not bothered to publish it until now.

If you have a requirement for the time and/or date to be inserted in your document at regular intervals then this add-in may be for you.